Wednesday 5 January 2011

Feed the Birds!

The cold weather can keep many of us indoors for long periods of time, and what's worse is when we look outside and there just isn't much happening.

Well that can all change! Imagine looking outside at a glorious flock of wild birds feasting away at the delights you have left for them. Or even waiting in anticipation for one of the finch family to drop by for a bite to eat.

Creative Gardens is having a special series of events that are aimed at helping you attract our feathery friends into your garden. Not only that, but there will be expert advice on bird feeding, types of feeders, nutritional information, feed blends and much more!

The demonstrations will be taking place at the specific garden centre with dates and times shown below, and remember don't forget to feed the birds!

Donaghadee GC Saturday 15th 11.00am / 3.00pm
Bushmills GC Saturday 22nd 11.00am / 3.00pm
Donaghadee GC Saturday 29th 11.00am / 3.00pm

Donaghadee GC Saturday 5th 11.00am / 3.00pm
Bushmills GC
Saturday 12th 11.00am / 3.00pm
Donaghadee GC Saturday 19th 11.00am / 3.00pm

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